I intentionally started my creative business during Taurus season (early May) which is all about perseverance, sustainability, and long term goals. Taurus energy is also about love, beauty, and our sacred connection to Mother Earth. We see this abundantly in the spring as soil is tilled for seeds to be sown. Holbrook Creative’s mission is to support individuals in spiritual growth and transformation as well as to share our unique energetic imprint through writing, art, and self-expression. As we step into our gifts, we must remember to sustain ourselves, just like Mother Nature; both nurtured and nurturing. So as you learn more about Holbrook Creative, you’ll see themes of wellness sprinkled in too.

Hey! I’m Nicole, a multimodal creative, spiritual teacher, and visionary coach. I support individuals in their spiritual development through yoga, energy healing, and intuitive astrology. I am also a visionary coach, supporting individuals in building a creative process, understanding creative performance, and reaching for their creative goals.